Casa Bella’s resonance with each client is rooted in our dedicated awareness to core elements of attachment, vulnerability and community. The healing theme of connection is the compassionate thread that integrates the powerful flow of this program, allowing clients to find a sense of belonging, safety and purpose as they begin to rediscover their vital, autonomous selves.


Committed to releasing the pathology associated with certain illnesses and symptoms, Casa Bella aims to empower their clients with a critical understanding of the once necessary or adaptive nature of the behaviors associated with their illness, thereby assisting clients to create change via constructing new, healthy ways to express their feelings, meet their needs, and heal old wounds. At Casa Bella, our clients have a safe place that allows them to explore who they are and how they see themselves in the world. This process also allows for them to begin telling a new story, a story that allows them to experience a new and purposeful place for themselves in their lives, their families, and their communities.


A dual diagnosis, holistic, program specializing in the complexities of women’s mental health and addiction issues.  With a dynamic, multidisciplinary team, we bring an attachment-based and relationally-focused integrated approach to our individualized treatment options.

What we treat

Treatment Focus:
Addiction & Alcoholism
Anxiety Disorders
Attachment & Trauma Disorders
Eating Disorders
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Thought Disorders

What we do

Treatment Services:
Experiential Therapy
Family Workshops
Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Life Skills Development
Nutritional Counseling
Psychiatric Evaluation & Medication Management
Substance Abuse Counseling
Trauma Therapy



Venice / West LA / Westchester


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